life in my hood with 2 teenagers, a toddler and chronic pain

pain meter 5/2/09 May 2, 2009

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3=stubbed toe
4=bee sting
6=throwing your back out
7=breaking a bone
8=food poisoning
9=serious migraine headache
10=appendicitis attack

today’s pain so far-6 (again) and I’m really hoping the meds will kick in soon and be enough so I can go to my son’s baseball game and then run some errands.  You know, have a normal day.


3 Responses to “pain meter 5/2/09”

  1. Bruno Says:

    Pain is like doody.
    Whilst you appear to be moody,
    and a pain in the booty or perhaps
    even snooty;
    The world moves on and you try to keep up,
    and our pain just like the doody we try to scoop up.
    For moments, maybe hours, the pain goes away.
    Then a meal or a walk or a game you might play.
    But shit! The doody’s back the very next day.
    So we fight it, we wipe it, we clear it away; this pain
    just like doody that gets in our way….
    Keep moving, keep doing, the experts all say.
    So easy for them in a 10-minute co-pay!
    Removed they all seem from the pain that is ours,
    until it is theirs and their own demeanor sours.
    A club of shared soreness we did not seek to join,
    with nausea and headaches and immoveable loins.
    Pain is like doody as it just does not care.
    We wipe it, we clean it and next day it’s there.
    Signed- A k9 with arthritis.

    • muthahhood Says:

      Only you could come up with this. You capture the reality of it exactly! Thank you. Miss you. xoxox

  2. Bruno Says:

    Anything for a “little gurl…”

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