life in my hood with 2 teenagers, a toddler and chronic pain

conversation i had today May 7, 2009

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I called my friend “E” at home.  She answered.




me-How are you?

E-Good, how are you?

me-O.K., it’s hot.

E-Yeah, really hot.

me-Yeah, fuckin’ hot.

E-Yeah, really fuckin’ hot.

me-Yeah, fuckin’, fuckin’ hot.

E-I guess you don’t have your kids with you. (laughs)

me-No, they’re with me.

E-(laughs more)

me-(now thinking that I’m maybe not actually speaking with E-something doesn’t seem right-I check my phone to see if I called the right number. I did.)

E-Do you think you’re talking to E?


E-Oh, I thought you were E calling in.  This is her sister in law, D.

me-OMG. This is her very embarrassed friend. I’m not sure I should tell you my real name.

D-It’s o.k. I have a total potty mouth, too.

me-Well, then, hi, I’m Lesly.

D-Hi, I’m D, E’s sister in law.

me-Nice to meet you.

D-You too. (laughing)

me-O.K. then, if you remember, would you please tell E I called?

D-Oh, I’ll remember. Bye.

me-Thanks, bye.



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