life in my hood with 2 teenagers, a toddler and chronic pain

About April 16, 2009

When I was a kid, boys would tell the girls that we were pigs and we would respond by saying, “yes, pretty, intelligent girls.” I am all grown up now and I am no longer a pig. I have evolved. I am a bitch-bold, intelligent, tough (or tender), confident (creative, compassionate), and harried. I have 3 kids but I am the mother of 6: 2 teenagers, a toddler, a husband and 2 dogs. I have a mystery pain condition that I have been battling for 2 years and that is a total bitch. I wasn’t always a bitch and until right now, I have never written a blog, or, for that matter, even read one. We all have a story, an ever evolving set of experiences, circumstances and relationships that shape and define us. Somedays, we all feel like bitches or at least witches (although that is a post for another time.) We all also have or have had pain, physical or emotional or both. Here is my story and pain is a big part of it. Maybe you have kids, or a husband, or pain, or dogs or a job or maybe you have none of these things. Maybe you will relate to some of what I have to say, maybe some of it will strike you as funny or sad or interesting or not. Maybe it will touch you in some way.

There are some truths about me that can not be ignored. I am a liberal-unabashed, unapologetic-a bleeding-heart liberal born to bleeding-heart liberals and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I marched with my parents against the war in Vietnam and I wore my POW bracelet proudly. I worked hard to get our president elected because I could not sit idly by and let my children’s future be subjected to more damage than already caused during the last eight years. So to review, I am a liberal. I am open minded and tolerant of people with opposing view points as long as they are not bible thumping, fear mongering war hawks who tell us government should be smaller, but also want to tell us what to do with our bodies, who shred the Constitution, who would send my children to fight an ill conceived, immoral and disastrous war and who oppose gay marriage because they somehow think it will threaten their own. Now that I have made myself clear on my political views, I will also come clean regarding the other truth about me. I am a die hard, dyed-in-the-wool lifetime citizen of Red Sox Nation. I love the Sox, cried many times for them (they represented my first experience with true pain) and I was forever changed during a magical run of nights in October 2004. I kept the faith, believed in magic and I learned on one very special night that season, that the only way to get through life is by keeping the faith and believing in something.

Oh, and one more thing. I often look around and realize that I have everything I want, but I am not always or often happy or even content. A wise man recently told me something that I have been pondering a lot, meditating on, if you will. He told me, “it’s not about having what you want, it’s about wanting what you have.” Hmmm…

So, to recap, keep the faith (check), believe in something (check), and want what you have (o.k., it’s on my to-do list).

I’m a list maker. I love making lists. I just made a list of things I can blog about. This might be fun, and maybe cathartic. Here’s something ironic. I’m writing this as I lay in bed on a heating pad waiting for my first daily dose of pain medicine to kick in. My laptop broke, and my pain won’t let me sit at my desk just yet, so I am writing my very first blog on a pad of paper with a pen.

I will write about my life, my pain, my experiences and my observations. I will write about my kids, but only as it pertains to my experience and I will not publish anything they don’t want me to. I will respect their privacy so anything you read about them will be with their permission (except the 3 year old.) I will use my best discretion with her because, quite frankly, she will give me a lot of material and she is damn funny.

Soon, I will write about my pain, how I came to have it, what I do about it and how I live with it, what I intend to do to boot it from my life, how it kicks my ass, screws with my head and makes it really hard to be the mother I want to be. I will also write about the challenges navigating the world of medicine, eastern and western, doctors, quacks, hacks, and insurance compainies (spelling accidental, but it seems to work). I will write about things that happened recently or many moons ago.

I will write about my observations of the world. I already have so many things I want to write about and patience has never been one of my strengths, but it is a virtue, so I will be patient and write a little each time. And I hope that you will be interested and left each day wanting to come back for more.

I will also write about how it is to raise 2 teenagers and a toddler. Life is busy in our house. As previously mentioned, we have 2 dogs, but have been known to, on occasion, have a baby squirrel, baby possums and a rat named Elvis who comes and goes. But for now, just an introduction. I am Lesly. Welcome to my hood. Mr. Rogers had one. This is mine. 



17 Responses to “About”

  1. Daddy-O Says:

    You are amazing!

  2. Roxy Says:

    cool, can’t wait to hear more
    I think about you often,
    usually on the 405
    headed home after work

    sometimes, coming off the canyon shortcut
    traveling on moorpark

  3. leslie Says:


    this is great. seems like a really inspired place for you to share and i for one enjoyed reading and learning about what your experience is, specially with the pain. the zoo story is amazing cause i was there to hear it! and i love the other stories too. keep em coming. xo

  4. Karen Says:

    Great job on the posts! It’s like you’re chatting with me here on the East Coast. Of course, you have a glass of sparkling cider…

    • muthahhood Says:

      chill that cider for me…i plan on bringing some back here this year! i hope you’ll keep reading. this is alot of fun and a great outlet for my observations on all aspects of my life.

  5. Alfee Says:

    Lesly, what a wonderful website and blog. Good luck!! A book could be put together here.

    • muthahhood Says:

      Thanks so much. I really respect your opinion as you are such a great writer! I hope you’ll continue to check in and pass it along to others…hope you and your are well.

  6. Diana Says:

    Lesly, I’m IN! 🙂 Miss you — and hoping there are pain-free days ahead of you. Love to your family.



  7. Evelyne Says:

    There is definitely a book here…. I would buy it and read it…..

  8. goldfish Says:

    Lesly– Thank you so much for leaving me a note and directing me over here. I’m adding you to my reader as soon as I type this. I loved your post about your father and could have written the same thing about my dad, substituting “Cubs” for “Red Sox.” And (I used to be a nurse) I adore your pain scale. Anyway. So much I want to say to you… but I’ll keep reading and commenting as you tell your story. Thank you. And I hope today is a good day.

    • muthahhood Says:

      Thank you. As I said, I think we have things in common, so I will check in on your blog as well. I hope we become blog-friends. Go cubbies! (i really am pulling for them. I know your suffering.)

  9. Gabriel... Says:

    Hi Lesly… I’m glad I could help you out with your Forum question. Something else I can help you with, I think, is putting a link to your name.

    Once the link is there, whenever you leave a comment on another blog, you’ll leave a link to your blog along with your name and avatar. It’s probably the easiest way to bring people to your blog.

    In the menu on the left of your dashboard you’ll find a link called “Users”, and click on “Your Profile”. Once there, scroll down and you’ll find “Website” under “Contact Info”. Type in your address (the www isn’t necessary), then click “Update Profile”.

    Now make sure, on the same page, your blog address is listed as the “Primary Blog” (it should be automatic). And you’re set.

    I also have a couple of blogs from my blogroll which, I think, could help you…

    ‘Thordora’ is a mother of two young girls and dealing with depression:

    And ‘Knit Nut’ (Zoom) blogs about poverty issues, mental health stuff, knitting and her recently diagnosed breast cancer:

    Both of them are excellent bloggers, and the centre of large blogging groups. I think you could find a lot of help… or some understanding from them and the blogs in their sidebar. They’re free anyway…

  10. ha ha ha. I just (finally) got around to your about page & you’re right- we are VERY similar! (except the Sox part!) sorry 😉
    Glad to be here!

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