life in my hood with 2 teenagers, a toddler and chronic pain

lobstah, chowdah, and bee-ah, oh my June 28, 2009

going on vacation to boston, maine and new hampshire till july 13…i might write from there, i might not. i might write when i get back, i might not…happy summah everyone!



Can I get a witness? June 19, 2009

Can anyone relate? C’mon I know you can. I love to cook. Or at least, I used to love to cook. I used to plan really good meals, whole dinner menus, even. And, I used to shop, go to the farmer’s market for the best, freshest, organic produce to have all the right ingredients in the house. We used to have dinner parties consisting of fabulous food, wonderful wine and witty repartee. And I did all this in a fairly small, cramped kitchen with crappy appliances. Then something happened. Or many things happened. 3 kids happened. 3 kids who don’t eat any of the same foods except pizza, burritos or macaroni and cheese.

And then something else happened. We remodeled our kitchen with beautiful countertops and stainless appliances and a prep sink and opened it up to our den, creating a “great room.”  And then pain happened. Pain that makes me tired and makes me lose my appetite. Do you know what it is like trying to plan dinner when you are tired and have no appetite or nothing just sounds good and the kids don’t like the same food and your husband could be late from work on any and every night of the week? Probably you do know. I end up throwing out more perishables than could feed a small island and we order in food enough times in a week to stimulate a small economy and I feel like a loser of a mother because I don’t have dinner, steaming in its serving bowls, on the table every (or any) evening and I hate it. And then I remember the starving children in Africa and I feel guilty for being such a spoiled, whiny bitch.



good eats-cheesy bread and french toast casserole May 2, 2009

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for the weekend, a couple of yummy and easy recipes…not sure if Carol Brady or Alice ever made these

cheesy bread

1 sourdough loaf cubed  (or any bread you have laying around-stale is good!)

whisk 2 c. milk with:

5-6 eggs

1/8 c. olive oil

flake 1 container boursin

mix with bread and

top w/ shredded mozzarella

let sit overnite

350-1 hour-ish

1/2 with foil

1/2 without

french toast casserole (must be prepared at least 1 hour before, but could be the night before)

6 eggs

3 c. milk

2 t. vanilla

1 cin. swirl bread

butter pan to grease (or spray)

cube bread

mix together

set 1 hour or overnite in fridge

top w/ cin/sugar

350-50 min or until done.

powdered sugar on top

serve with pitcher of warm syrup

bon appetit