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my dad May 6, 2009

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Today would have been my dad’s 73nd birthday.  He died 6 years ago March. He did not see the Red Sox win the World Series while he was alive, but I like to believe that he saw it from somewhere.

My dad believed…

My dad believed in family

in education

in children

in babies

in dogs and elephants

in the beach

in feeding the birds

in eating lobster

in waiting up for his children till all hours of the night

and then taking them out for breakfast.

My dad believed

in peace

in democrats

in speaking his mind

and in the road less traveled.

My dad believed in the celtics (they used to win a lot and they did again last year, dad)

the patriots (they finally won, several times)

and the red sox (they won twice, dad!)

and everything new england.

My dad believed in spending money on his children

in buying jewelry for my mom

in family vacations

and in seeing the world.

My dad believed

in skating lessons

in little league

in backgammon

and willing the ball fair in the bottom of the 12th.

My dad believed in

working hard

in getting up early (I didn’t inherit this gene)

in tall tales

and in dirty jokes.

My dad believed

in New Orleans, especially the French Quarter at 6am

in Sanibel Island

in Maine

and in Salisbury Beach.

My dad believed in food-good and bad,

in clam chowder

in american cheese

in fried clams

in Italian food

in bananas

in anything he could eat when he thought no one was looking

and especially in ice cream.

My dad believed

in his brother (even though he was a republican),

in his brother in law,

in his nephews and nieces,

in his cousins,

in his parents and in his crazy aunts,

in friends old and new,

in his in laws and children in law

in his wife and children,

and in his grandchildren.

My dad believed in trust and forgiveness

My dad believed in love.