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prop hate May 26, 2009

I MUST get on my blog soapbox here for a minute. While I am deeply saddened by today’s news, I am not surprised. As the mother of 2 daughters and one son, as well as a friend to many gay or lesbian people, today is a day that must only strengthen our resolve to win equal rights for all humans. Whether my own children grow up to be straight or gay couldn’t matter less to me. That they grow up in a society that they can marry regardless of their sexual orientation matters greatly to me. I recently watched the movie “Milk” and am truly inspired by him and so many others to continue this fight until all people have the right to be as happy or as miserable in marriage as anyone else. I hope you will join me.

join the fight at the Courage Campaign: or Equality California:

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Rockin’ with Robin May 14, 2009

I spent an afternoon with a friend I haven’t seen in 24 years.  Holy shit.  I can’t believe I even have friends from 24 years ago, not to mention much, much longer. Squeezing 24 years of life into 6 1/2 hours of catching up isn’t easy, but we took a pretty good stab at it. Despite living in slower paced Southern California, we talked in east coast fast (we’re both east coast girls)and 6 1/2 hours passed like 5 minutes and 24 years melted away like a strawberry fruit bar in the back of my car in July. We started several conversations only to interrupt each other and go off on a tangent and somehow get back full circle to the original conversation. Surprisingly, we managed to finish all, or at least most, of the conversations we started, discussing everything from the passing of parents to what ever happened to so-and-so to reminiscing about the good old days. While we have both led very different lives since college, the challenges we have both faced through the years are strikingly similar, not in our experiences, but in our responses to them and we discovered that all these years later, we still have much in common.

It was by random chance that we became friends in the first place, both being assigned to live on the same dorm floor our freshman year. We became instant friends back then, finding we had much in common then, and for the lives of us, neither can remember how or why we drifted apart. With modern day technology-Facebook, instant messaging, Twitter, email, etc (I grew up with rotary dial phones), my kids will have a much better opportunity to remain in touch with their friends than my generation did. Maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t know. I do know that it was really cool to re-connect with a dear old friend and find out that despite the passing years, some things haven’t changed all that much.