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close encounters of 2 very different kinds April 23, 2009

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encounter 1

I woke up exhausted and in pain today.  I have not been sleeping well for the last 10 days or so.  I had an appointment scheduled with my chiropractor, but was thinking seriously about canceling it and trying to get some sleep.  But I knew that after getting the little one off to school, I would not be able to go back to sleep, so I pulled on some sweats, pulled my hair through the hole in the back of my Red Sox hat, put on some big sunglasses to hide my tired eyes and I went to my appointment. An hour and a half later, I left, rushing back to pick up the munchkin.  Waiting for the elevator, another woman approached.  She looked to be a few years older than me, with beautiful tight blond curls ringing her face angelically and wearing a lovely green sundress.  She actually looked like an angel.  She asked me how I was.  For some reason, rather than give the usual obligatory,  “fine thanks, and you?”, I said, “actually I’ve been better, but I plan on being better again soon.”  I returned the question and she smiled, sadly and replied “the same.”  I told her she looked lovely and she returned the compliment, but I laughed, knowing it wasn’t true.  She said, “no you really do look beautiful.”

We stepped onto the elevator for our 2 floor ride down and she said, “I’ve made some very bad decisions lately.”  She looked beyond sad.  “I’ve made some bad choices too in my life”, I told her, “but I think that every decision I’ve ever made has brought me to just where I am supposed to be. For example, I have 3 amazing kids that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t done everything exactly as I did.” She looked very thoughtful but didn’t utter another word.   We got off the elevator in a parking garage, and as she started to walk to her car, she turned to me and said, “Thank you, you are an angel.” I think she really meant it.

encounter 2

After picking up all 3 kids from 3 different schools, I went to the gas station to fill my tank. I was still in my tired, haven’t showered yet, mommy uniform from earlier in the day.  After starting to pump, I stood behind my car, swinging my arms and twisting my hips to try to stretch my back a little.  A man walked by, after paying inside, back to his car.  I noticed that he wore a Boston Bruins shirt.  I love when I see Boston fans here in L.A.  I always feel like I’ve run into a long lost friend.  When he noticed me, he started to swing his arms, mocking me just a little.  I pointed to my Red Sox cap and asked,”are you a fan?”  He laughed and said, ‘the Sox crushed today, but no, actually, I am a Yankees fan.”  Huh? With a puzzled look on my face I pointed to his shirt and asked “why?”  “I lost a bet last year that the Yankees would end the year ahead of the Sox in the division. All year long, I have to wear Boston team clothing.” Wow, a Yankee fan that is a good sport.  I began laughing, truly enjoying the moment. He laughed back and said, before getting into his car, “hey good luck this weekend.” The Sox are hosting the Yankees this weekend. I actually found myself telling him, “hey good luck to you too.”